Freeze Dried Edible Rose Petals, Flowers , Wedding Confetti


  • Beautiful 100% natural biodegradable dried flower edible and wedding confetti.
  • These lovely dried rose petals are perfect for any celebration¬† cakes, sweets especially for weddings.
  • Pure & natural – no artificial ingredients. Natural Home Fragrance




Product: Red Rose Petals


Our Rose Petals can be put to many different uses but our favourite has to be using them as an eco-friendly confetti for weddings; associated with love and luck, you’d be showering the newlyweds with more than just petals! Add our dried rose petals to pot pourri, sleep pillows and scented sachets for a soft, floral aroma or to herbal tisanes & infusions, bath tea blends, soaps and face masks. Crush them and blend with culinary spices to add a Middle Eastern influence to your dishes (just be sure to cook the blend thoroughly before consumption).


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100g, 1kg, 200g, 25g, 25kg, 2kg, 500g, 50g


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