Gits Sandwich Dhokla Mix

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Gits Sandwich Dhokla Mix 200g (Freezer dried mint & coriander chutney inside) Ready to cook savory

How to prepare:
1. Cook the contents of both the pouches as follows: a khatta dhokla , blen 30g fresh yogurt 120ml, water, 1tbspoil, add it to the contents and stir into a lump free, batter, b. khanam dhokla yellow: add 120ml water and 1tbsp oil to it and stir gently to a smooth batter

2. Pour the two batters in to 2 separate equal sized baking trays greased with oil, steam both the tray on high flame for 10 mins, if pressure cooker, is used do not apply weight/whistle

. Add 30ml water to the content of the chutney sachet , spread this chutney over the steamed khatta dhokla from the tray place over the chutney so that its top surface forms the top of sandwich dhokla, steam this sandwich dhokla again for 5mins, cool the sandwich dhokla and cut into rectangular piece, of preferred size and serve

Tip: Heat 2tbsp 30ml oil add 1tbsp mustard seeds when cracking starts add a pinch of asafoetida powder and 1tbsp of sesame seeds, then put off the gas , spread evenly over sandwich dhokla pancake, sprinkle 2 tbsp fresh greated coconut and chopped coriander leaves and serve.

1. Khatta Dhokla Mix,Rice flour, semolina, lentil flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar powder, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate Asafoetida
2. chick peas flour, semolina, sugar powder, salt citric acid, sodium bicarbonate Asafoetida, turmeric, sodium acetate,
3. Green chutney: coriander leaves, green chilli bengal gram, onions, mint leaves, salt, garlic, sugar, dry mango powder, citric acid