100% Pure Ready To Drink Pure Karela juice 500ml


  • 100% Ready To Drink Karela Juice
  • Insulin Controll Blood
  • Glucose Lowering Drinking


The fruit contains at least three active substances with anti-diabetic properties, including charantin, which has been confirmed to have a blood glucose-lowering effect, vicine and an insulin-like compound known as polypeptide-p. Karela is used in traditional medicine for: Colic Fever Burns Chronic cough Painful menstruation Skin conditions. It is also used to heal wounds, assist childbirth and, in parts of Africa and Asia, prevent or treat malaria and viral diseases such as measles and chicken pox. **If you’re thinking of adding karela to your diet, make sure you limit yourself to no more than two ounces of karela (or more than two karela) a day, as excessive consumption can cause mild abdominal pain or diarrhoea. If you are considering using karela for glycemic control, you should consult your doctor or healthcare professional first to check that it is safe for use alongside your prescribed diabetes medication, as there is the risk that taking bitter melon together with these drugs and/or insulin could cause hypoglycemia (extremely low blood sugar).**

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500g x 1, 500g x 2


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