White Chilli Powder


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Very Hot White Chilli Powder*** Spicy chilli powder.*** Adds heat to dishes without the red tint.*** Has a distinctive taste – more “peppery” than red chilli powder.*** Produce of India.*** This chilli powder is white in colour with a pretty big kick – definitely not to be mistaken with white pepper powder. ***White chilli powder can be added to any dish for extra spice, and being white, it adds no colour to the dish (which may be preferred by some people).*** Add to any dish, curries, stir-fries or as a spicy seasoning. Use only a pinch or two to taste.*** White chilli powder is not just a white version of red chilli powder – it’s hotter, with a distinct peppery flavour.*** Directions*** White chilli powder is used in hot curries. It is used in exactly the same manner as chilli powder – around half a teaspoon per person. ***

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