Pitted Pressed Dates

Pitted Pressed Dates
Nourishing And Healthy Snack
Contains Fiber, Potassium,Vitamins, Minerals And Glucose




Dried Pitted Dates Instant Energy Gloucose Minerals Vitamins Laxative Pitted Dates Seedless Dates Fruits Phoenix Dactylifera (Date Plam)
Nourishing And Healthy Snack.Contains Fiber, Potassium,Vitamins, Minerals And Glucose Used in many Cooking dishes Packed In a Vegetarian Atmosphere
Pitted Pressed Dates. These Are Seedless Dates Pressed Together. Can Be Used As A Healthy Snack, To Garnish Food, In Baking Products, To Make Naturally Sweet Syrups, And Many More.

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1 x 250g, 2 x 250g, 3 x 250g, 4 x 250g, 6 x 250g, 8 x 250g


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