Instant Rice Idli/Idly Mix


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Idli (Rice Lentil Cake Mix) is a traditional breakfast of South Indian origin, made from a fermented batter of rice & lentil.

If you don’t have a traditional idli cooker don’t worry, good results can be made by using a muffin tray (fairy cake tray) and steaming in a wok. Use a steamer large enough for your cake tray or place the cake tin in a colander and steam like you would vegetables in a wok.  Alternatively, try baking them.

Ingredients: Rice flour, lentil flour, salt, raising agents (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate), fenugreek powder & acidity regulator (sodium acetate).

1) Put to boil approx. 1ltr water in a large steaming vessel or pressure cooker. Mix the contents of this pack with 320ml water and 15ml refined edible oil. Stir to smooth the batter

2) Lightly grease the mold with oil. Stir batter gently and pour a thin layer into each mold.

3) Place the Idli mold tray inside the vessel. Cover and steam on high heat for 15mins.

4) Serve to steam hot, fluffy side up with Gits Instant Sambhar and coconut chutney.

Alternatively, try baking.

TIP: For a tasty variation, cut steamed/baked idlis into halves and deep fry them. Serve them with tomato ketchup

Try this Accompaniment Recipe for serving Idli

Coconut Chutney

Ingredients: Desiccated coconut  60g, Green chilies to taste,

Coriander leaves, Salt to taste, Lime juice to 1/2 TBSP, Sugar (optional to taste as preferred)

Method: Grind all ingredients for the Chutney along with 1-2 tbsp of water (or less depending on the thickness you require)

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