Enamel Kadhai 26cm Kadai



to get the most from your Kadai:** Before using your Kadai for the first time, wash, rinse and dry each utensil thoroughly** Always select the appropriate size Kadai for the task in hand** Never heat the Kadai when it is empty** Do not put a hot Kadai under the tap** Ensure that the handle of the Kadai does not extend over another gas burner or heated surface** Made in India.*

Made from high quality enamel*** transfers heat efficiently and evenly ** Stays good looking for years **Strong & thick handles ** Can also be used as serving dishes ** Works efficiently on low, medium and high heat
Diameter: 26cm / 10″ Height:8cm / 3.5″
These high quality Kadai’s are ensured heat is transferred efficiently and evenly throughout. Not only excellent to cook with – they look good enough to serve your creations at the table.


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