Dry Fruits Buchanania Lanzan Charoli, Chironji




‘- Buchanania Lanzan (Charoli)
– Used for garnishing
– Wide range of culinary, health and medicinal properties
– It is also used in Aromatherapy
– The seeds are also used as a sprinkler in soups, salads and meat dishes
– The term “Charoli” refers to small, almond -flavoured dried seeds from a bush known as the Buchanania Ianzan or Almondette Tree. The fruit from which it is derived is cracked open to extract the nuts. It belongs to the “Anacardiaceae” family. The “Chironji” is an evergreen tree. The charoli seed is lentil-sized, is slightly flattened and has an almond-like flavour. Though they can be eaten and used raw they are often toasted or roasted before use, as this intensifies the flavour

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