Black Eyed Beans


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About Black Eyed Beans

Black-eyed beans are a fiber-rich protein source that is extremely versatile and popular in vegan and vegetarian diets. Delicious added to stews and hearty meals such as vegan shepherd’s pie for added texture and protein.

There is an abundance of recipes in which these black-eyed beans can be included, they are Mexican-style refried beans, stews and so much more.

These black-eyed beans are one of the best pulses to add to your cupboard because of their fantastic health benefits. They are packed full of fantastic natural protein, and fiber, and are a great source of fiber.

Benefits of Black Eyed Beans:

  • A 100% natural product
  • They are easy to prepare and can be used in several recipes
  • The beans are full of great health benefits and nutrients
  • Low in fat and sugar
  • Long-lasting product
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets

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