3 Veins Bay Leaves


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Add Flavours To Your Food

3 Veins Bay Leaves The Indian bay leaf is twice as long as the bay laurel leaf and has an olive green color. It has 3 prominent veins running down the length of the leaf Indian bay leaf has a very cinnamon like aroma while the bay laurel leaf’s aroma resembles that of pine and lemon. The Indian bay leaf has been used medicinally since ancient times and was a major medicinal plant in medieval times. Indian sages since the earliest times advocated the use of many spices both for culinary as well as medicinal use and the Indian bay leaf was one of them. It should be noted however that dried green leaves rather than dried brown leaves be purchased as the brown leaves lose most of their flavor. Keep the bay leaves in a dark airtight container away from light and heat and they will stay good for over 2 years. Bay leaves refer to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel. Used for destinctive flavorings in cooking and fragrance fresh or dried bay leaves are used.Soups, stews, braises and pates in the Mediterranean cuisine is some places bay leaves are used. Some of the things the Carribean believe bay leaves to do is help with the digestive system, lowers the  blood pressure and gets rid of headaches.

3 Veins Bay Leaves is a must for every serious cook’s store cupboard, this herb is one of the most commonly used aromatics of all. It is used to add depth of flavour to stews, soups, tomato-based dishes and anything that has a fairly lengthy cooking process. Break the leaf in your hand before adding to the cooking to increase the release of flavour into your food, or simply drop a whole leaf in your cooking pot. Bay leaves will also add subtle notes of flavour to rice if they are are dropped into the water or stock while cooking.


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