Traditional Indian stainless steel spice tin with FREE 11 spices kit with silk fabric gift wrap.

  • Perfect for gifts
  • Fresh 11 Spice
  • Loved by curry lovers



An essential piece of kit for any serious lover of spice. A masala Dabba tin is traditionally used in India as a way to quickly access spices during cooking. Use it to measure out your spices in advance to ensure your recipe process is a smooth one!

One of the best gifts for someone who loves to cook using spices. Made to last a lifetime

An authentic selection of aromatic Indian spices carefully selected for flavor and freshness, giving you everything you need to make fragrant tasty Indian dishes, delivered straight to your door. 

Spice kit – 

  1. 25g – black mustard seeds
  2. 25g- turmeric powder 
  3. 25g- whole cloves 
  4. 25g – fenugreek seeds
  5. 25g – cumin and coriander mix powder 
  6. 25g- chili powder 
  7. 25g- garam masala 
  8. 25g- whole cumin seeds 
  9. 10g- whole cinnamon sticks
  10. 10g – whole cloves 
  11. 10g- whole green cardamon pods
  12. Free mouth freshener sugar-coated fennel seeds.


The silk fabric gift wrap colors may vary unless it has been advised.